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  • Finance Transformation Journey

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  • Managing tactical finance leadership issues during a finance transformation process

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  • How to Embrace the Digital Revolution and Its Impact on Finance Transformation?

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  • Finance Talent Management and Engagement

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  • Key action points to manage culture aspect for Finance Transformation Projects

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4th Finance Transformation India Summit 2017

Finance transformation is fundamentally about changing how finance supports their business’s business strategy and the performance of that strategy. Today’s environment requires new, agile and differentiated approaches to finance operations and the ability to work as a proactive, collaborative business partner. Improvement of financial performance, services and accountability is a priority for all organizations and their leadership. With the global economy and the business environment becoming more complex every day, companies and Finance professionals are increasingly keen to transform the finance function from just a supporting department within an organisation into an integral part of the business. For many companies, Finance Transformation is no longer a choice; it is the only way forward.

Building on the previous editions the 4th Finance Transformation India Summit 2017 will bring together leading industry experts to share best practices, case studies and latest trends from leading regional companies. This summit is designed to enable finance departments within organizations to not only be efficient and effective, but also integrated and flexible.

Key Focus Areas:

  • The crucial role of the CFO to drive finance transformation for quantified business results
  • Finance Transformation 2020 – Developing your future vision with a mix of new elements that is powered by a rich foundation
  • Understanding and adopting new age digital innovations that supports finance transformation
  • Transforming the finance function by optimizing shared services
  • How can technology help redesign financial process and make them more efficient?

Key reasons why this is the must attend conference

  • Implementing sustainable transformation projects that drive productivity, standardise financial planning and enable true business partnering.
  • Transforming entire finance function to improve operational efficiencies and drive performance.
  • Establishing business model innovation for supporting business growth and scale back the activities that don’t contribute to this vision.
  • Tapping global funding sources to replace expensive debt, save on interest payments and improve cash flows.
  • Unlocking trapped potential within the finance team and building stronger talent capabilities.
  • Building capabilities, creating and augmenting intellectual property ,investing in infrastructure and capacity creation.
  • Defining the role of tax in transforming finance function by embracing its increasing complexity across multiple jurisdictions and the ever expanding operational footprint of today's modern business.
  • Implementing new age technology and automation measures to reduce costs and also enable organisations to be more agile and effective for delivering sustainable business value.
  • Leveraging Predictive Analytics in the financial planning and strategic decision making process.
  • Increasing process optimisation and operational efficiency for continuous business improvement to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Who will you meet?

Industry Professionals from the following functional roles:
  • CFO
  • Financial Controllers
  • Finance Directors
  • Directors of Shared Service Centres
  • Directors of Business Service Centres
  • Heads of Finance Improvement/Transformation
  • Sourcing Directors
  • Operations Heads
  • Purchase to Pay Managers
  • Heads of Credit and collections
  • Heads of Accounts Receivables
  • Heads of Treasury
  • Business and Financial Analysts
  • Investment Researchers and Analysts